Pest Control Services

We are responsive
and immediate

Rats. Mice. Squirrels. Birds. Insects. Lovely in their own environment. But discovering an unwanted pest is understandably distressing for your residents.

Fast and efficient – we get rid of pests quickly
Proactive and reactive service – for the short and long term
Residents’ safety is our priority – preventing serious health issues

Our proactive and reactive Pest Control service helps to eradicate problems quickly and effectively before they cause serious health or safety problems.

As well as dealing with specific outbreaks or seasonal problems, we can also offer a preventive service to protect individual homes, buildings or communal areas against threats or damage from rodents and birds. This long-term sustainable approach helps to create a healthier, safer, more pleasant living environment and reduces the risk of future outbreaks.

We minimise risk and ensure the highest standards of health and safety when dealing with outbreaks. We use environmentally-friendly pesticides and humane techniques to deal with flying, crawling and biting insects, complying with legislation when disposing of mammals/rodent or bird carcasses.

Planned and reactive services:

  • Rodent Control (including squirrels)
  • Crawling insect control
  • Flying insect control
  • Mammal control
  • Bird proofing and control
  • Building proofing
  • Foxes

98.2 %

Average Overall Site Inspection Score

95.8 %

Average Overall Customer Satisfaction Score

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