Environmental Services

We care about our services

Our team restores the quality of your community environment quickly, safely and effectively.

Removing graffiti, bulk rubbish, accumulated household waste and biohazards
Prompt, responsive service – we love tackling those tricky jobs
Safety first – we’re licensed, certified and committed to the environment

The removal of graffiti, bulk rubbish, accumulated household waste and biohazards… our team restores the quality of the environment quickly, safely and effectively.

We’re always on hand to take on awkward and unwieldy jobs – and to deal with the troublesome after effects of anti-social behaviour that can impact quality of life for your residents. Our prompt, responsive action helps to build pride in your local environment.

All our cleaning and removal products are safe, user-friendly and biodegradable – they also guarantee effective results. Any hazardous waste is removed safely in line with current environmental regulations. What’s more, as a licensed waste carrier, we arrange for the removal of bulk waste, then recycle metal, wood and green waste.

Our stringent environmental processes are independently validated by full certification to BSI ISO 14001:2008 Environmental Management. Plus, we monitor our own environmental performance weekly using planned site reviews and independent mystery shopper schemes.

Planned and Responsive Services include:

  • Graffiti prevention
  • Graffiti removal Void
  • Property clearance
  • Void Property cleaning
  • Needle Sweeps
  • Bodily fluid removal
  • Bodily fluid decontamination
  • Bird fouling cleansing
  • Bulk waste removal and recycling
  • Chemical Weed Control of invasive weeds
  • Chemical Stem injection of invasive weeds

20 k

Over 20,000 Bulk Waste Removals Per Year

£36.6 K

Environmental Benefits

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