Pest Control Services

Residents’ safety is our priority – preventing serious health issues. A fast and efficient service to remove unwanted pests quickly!

  • We can irradicate Rats. Mice. Squirrels. Birds. Insects. Discovering an unwanted pest is understandably distressing for your residents.

  • We pay a great deal of attention to monitoring after a pest control procedure.

  • We provide an immediate response to any unwanted pest activity

  • Rodent Control (including squirrels)

  • Crawling insect control

  • Mammal control

  • Bird proofing and control

  • Building proofing

  • Foxes

Preventative Measures

As well as dealing with specific outbreaks or seasonal problems, we can also offer a preventive service to protect individual homes, buildings or communal areas against threats or damage from rodents and birds. This long-term sustainable approach helps to create a healthier, safer, more pleasant living environment and reduces the risk of future outbreaks.


Our highly skilled pest technicians will carefully inspect your property to determine the type of pest and the level of infestation. If rodents are present, we will carefully seal their entryways to prevent others from coming in through the holes.


Each pest is treated differently. We will choose the most effective and appropriate control method for maximum results. We use environmentally-friendly pesticides and humane techniques, complying with legislation when disposing of carcasses.


It’s not just about dealing with the infestation, it’s about protecting your property adequately from any future pest-related problems. The specialist will make sure that the communal area or the residents home is proofed and they will share some useful tips on pest prevention.

Highest Standards

We minimise risk and ensure the highest standards of health and safety when dealing with outbreaks. Be it bed bugs, cockroaches, mice or other rodents such as rats, our experienced and highly skilled pest controllers will ensure to implement the most suitable treatment. We use environmentally-friendly pesticides and humane techniques to deal with flying, crawling and biting insects, complying with legislation when disposing of mammals/rodent or bird carcasses.


All Aspects Covered

Eco Friendly

Rats. Mice. Squirrels. Birds. Insects. Lovely in their own environment, but discovering an unwanted pest is understandably distressing for your residents.


Our proactive and reactive Pest Control service helps to eradicate problems quickly and effectively before they cause serious health or safety problems.


Rodent pests have adapted to urban life with ease. Rats and house mice are omnivores, consuming just about anything from discarded left-overs to the contents of rubbish bags.


We aim to improve the quality of life of our clients, our community and environment. We deal with all kind of pest infestations and 24 hour pest control for residents.


A wide range of services for mice, rats, birds, squirrels, bedbugs, fleas, wasps, ants, moths, beetles, as well as pest surveys, extermination, prevention contracts and many more.


We tailor all of our visits to suit your business needs, scheduling treatments to fit around your customers, staff and clients.

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