Covid-19 Update

Following the UK Government announcements relating to the Covid-19 outbreak, we at Just Ask are adhering to all measures introduced to limit the spread of Covid-19 in our communities with the implementation of our policies and procedures. We are all working as hard as we practically can to ensure we continue to provide the vital services to the communities we work in whilst mitigating the risk of infection to ensure our customers, colleagues and supply chain partners are kept as safe as possible.

Our Business Continuity planning has and continues to incorporate clear guidelines for the implementation of our Covid-19 response plans. The Just Ask leadership team review the planning document daily to co-ordinate our flexible and highly responsive operational service delivery. This approach includes ongoing dialog with our clients and our supply chain partners to understand the ever changing needs and co-ordinate any changes as a result of the daily government guidance. These guidelines also cover advice and support for anyone self-isolating, or working from home and issuing instructions on following safe hygienic practices across our business.

Business as Usual in these challenging times

As advised by the UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock: “I want to be absolutely clear, when people absolutely cannot work from home they can still go to work, indeed it’s important that they do so to keep the country running”.  The vast majority of our clients sites still remain open and we continue to serve our clients for their residents.

Just Ask provides critical front-line services, in many cases to the vulnerable, the elderly and key workers. We clean and provide maintenance services to communal areas that serve over 120,000 residents every week. The well-being of our customers and the health and safety of our colleagues are of utmost importance. Working practices are evolving to minimise the spread of the virus and Just Ask is proud of doing the right thing in communities. Where the workforce is not engaged in some vital activities such as some grounds  maintenance, they may be available to provide other services to the communities that we serve.

I would like to thank all my colleagues for their commitment and dedication in continuing to deliver a first class service, and to our clients and supply chain partners for their continued support and understanding in these challenging times.

Mark Little