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From our commitment to transparency to our robust processes and procedures, everything about the way we work is designed to make life better for you and your residents.

 We always put you and our residents first  – Delivering services that meet and exceed expectations
Actively engaging  with you and our residents – We’re on a social mission to create better places and lives
Maximise satisfaction  – Learning from our experiences and driving service improvements

Our Resident Liaison Officers provide a crucial link between the residents, our clients and the communities we serve. Effective communication of the right information, at the right time is key. We know that early engagement leads to positive steps in providing understanding and service clarity, easing any concerns residents may have, but also building confidence and trust in us. To do this , we use a variety of traditional methods, from Resident Forums, Focus Groups, Quality Assurance panels and Customer listening Groups to the use of our bespoke technology such as, our Just Ask IT platform, specifically created for the Registered Provider Sector.

98.2 %

Average Site Audit Score

95.8 %

Average Customer
Satisfaction Score

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I have to say that the work carried out by your two female operatives was the best and most thorough cleaning effort I have ever inspected in my 12 plus years as a Housing Officer at Notting Hill. They are to be commended.

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I would rank Just Ask 9 out of 10

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Just Ask are very good at delivering social value

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Compared to previous service providers they are a big step up

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I would completely recommend them with no hesitation at all on the service we receive

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They deliver above and beyond, I was very impressed

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Just Ask are very practical and part of the community

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