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Installation, repair and maintenance services
We provide a responsive high-quality repair and maintenance service, while reducing costs and ensuring a sustainable solution to property management.  

Our skilled teams provide regular scheduled maintenance, as well as emergency repairs and refurbishment to maintain or improve housing standards. The teams are fully trained in efficient working techniques so that they complete their work quickly and with the minimum disturbance to residents. To improve productivity even further, we have implemented an integrated management system which ensures that site teams have immediate access to all customers, property and repair information. The teams also carry out a comprehensive risk assessment and adhere to health and safety guidelines to ensure a safe working environment.

A key element of our service is to identify and communicate damage or wear and tear that might pose safety risks in the future. Coupled with remedial work and preventative maintenance, we aim to minimise future risks and help managers avoid more costly emergency repairs.

Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme
The award is designed to ensure that employees and contractors working on a site can complete their tasks safely and minimise risk to residents and other contractors.

“I have been living here since 2003 and would just like to say that the grounds here have never looked better. This is due to the care and attention of the two-person team who maintain this area. Both of them have worked hard to get the area looking good and keeping it that way.”
Resident, Reading.

"Thank you very much for completing the repair, the tenant is very overwhelmed with his new look."
Maintenance Manager, Central Region

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