March 2014 | Just Ask Services
Gardens in our North Region are now a safer place
The site was very bare and devoid of plants and as it was exposed to thoroughfares it was treated more as a local park than a private garden. There are issues with dog walkers leaving mess and anti-social behaviour from young people outside of the development congregating at night.

Together the residents and Just Ask wanted to make the garden feel private and keeping out those who would spoil it for the residents. The best way to achieve this was to erect a fence on the footpath boundary, with two wide gates (allowing ample access for wheelchairs/walking frames/buggies) at each end footpath.

The fence has now been erected making the area much safer. The border has been tidied and planted with some flowers and shrubs.

More work will be carried out in the summer monts, so check back to see how we progress.



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Above: the fence has been erected and the border has been tidied up and planted.

Below: The allotment parterre has been built ready for planting some vegetables.