March 2014 | Just Ask Services
Community gardens regeneration
The garden had to be closed because it was being used as a dog toilet so had been locked and inaccessible for some time. Just Ask did a feasibility survey and made the following suggestions:
• In order to prevent this happening in the future, they recommended removing the fencing and opening up the garden to the community. It was important to make the garden accessible to all so that it could be used by everyone in the community.
• The residents and Just Ask worked together, the resulting proposal included fruit trees and herb gardens, a natural adventure play area for the children and a pergola with a picnic bench under for families to sit out and enjoy their garden in the warmer months.
• The play area consists would consist of a large ring tunnel of living willow on a mulched base, surrounded by large logs. Running around the inside of the tunnel would be stepping stones made from tree stumps. In the inner circle there would be four little carved wooden chairs for the children to sit on, or more stepping stones with carved mushrooms at the centre.
• Togetherit was proposed that a pergola with a gravel base and a picnic bench, with wisteria growing over the top, which would give a beautiful flowering display in the spring to complement the blossom on the fruit trees.

All this has now been carried out and you can see from the photos how successful the changes have been.

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Above: the plan of the rejuvenated gardens in Rosamun Street.

Below: How it all looked once the work had been carried out.