February 2014 | Just Ask Services
Residents bid to be self-sufficient
After Just Ask spent time engaging with residents, the residents had strong desire to be self-sufficient. Littlebrook is composed of large lawned areas and dense, old evergreen planting. As the shrub planting is mature, the weeds have become very difficult to remove and so the shrub beds have become weedy and overgrown. Just Ask dug out the shrubs and replanted the beds with hardy, drought tolerant, flowering plants. An intensive tidy on the remaining shrub beds would bring them back up to a maintainable standard.

The large lawned area (5m x 15m) backing onto a nature reserve provided a great opportunity for a communal garden for the residents. Allotment beds, a herb garden, 2 picnic benches and newly planted beds were built and some mulching bays were added, for all the leaves that fall from the mature trees.

The leaf mulch will provide excellent, high quality, weed free compost. The bays are only for leaf litter so will be simple to maintain, as it will be light and easy to turn. The resulting compost can then be recycled onto the beds on the site. With the vegetable beds and the home-made compost, Littlebrook is looking towards a rosie future!

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Above: Just Ask's proposal for the new raised beds and borders.

Below: Before and after the beds were added.