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Just Ask: understanding and tackle challenges together

To build understanding and tackle challenges together, we actively engage residents and communities in the successful delivery and implementation of partnership plans. We encourage constructive feedback on service delivery by asking simple questions such as:

  • What do we do well?
  • What services could we add?
  • What areas of the services do we need to improve?

Through constant feedback, we understand the diversity in the communities we support. So our aim is to enable all of our customers to benefit from our services, from people in general needs, leasehold and sheltered accommodation to groups that require extra care. By working with our resident liaison officers on community engagement programmes and regeneration projects, we can help everyone to enjoy and enhance the neighbourhoods where they live.

We also support and deliver a variety of services that benefit hard-to-reach groups. These range from simple things like replacing spent lamps or smoke alarm batteries to community garden projects for independent living or facilities management in centres that benefit the community.

When things go wrong
If you wish to provide feedback about any part of our service, please read the complaints procedure, then fill in the complaints form, tell a member of the team or write to us, and we will respond within 24 hours and where possible rectify within five working days.

“Proactive, responsive, flexible and very trustworthy.”
Paul Hudson, Catalyst Housing Group

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