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About us
Just Ask has been delivering excellence since 1972. To set the scene, every week, we recycle hundreds of tonnes of varying wastes, we control thousands of pests, clean and maintain tens of thousands of communal areas every month, and we mow hundreds of thousands of miles of lawn every year.

Whatever we do, we approach things in an open and honest way. We recognise that it’s important to learn from our experiences and mistakes, so we compliment and encourage our teams rather than being critical, and celebrate their successes.

Just Ask takes a proactive, long-term, innovative approach towards service delivery, aiming to continually improve the way we do things. Through resident involvement, we get a better understanding of our customers’ needs and expectations. That way, we can make the improvements that really matter to people and make them proud of where they live.

To improve convenience for our clients and partners, we provide a single point of contact, using easy-to-follow routines and processes that enhance service delivery and help to control costs.

We are continually becoming more efficient at what we do, and how we do it. We collectively review our routines, processes and procedures, improving access so that we can achieve cashable and non-cashable efficiency gains such as enhanced service quality for the same money.

“We didn’t recognise the car park when we came back from shopping; we thought we were in the wrong place.”
Resident feedback

Juat Ask Pest Control services

We’re proud of our references, achievements and awards. They reflect the high levels of customer satisfaction and confidence we enjoy and demonstrate how our services really can improve the quality of life for residents, neighbourhoods and communities.

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